What We Do

Basically, the pawn business is like any other business in town. We have to make a profit or we cannot STAY in business. That said, what we do is offer you money based on the current resale value of your item. Sadly, the antique circular saw you inherited is not worth much and probably not of interest to us. You just never know. It could be that your storage unit bid was an incredible find. It could be that grandpa only liked inexpensive tools. Every time a customer comes in, we do our best to evaluate your items on a case by case basis. It is ALWAYS best if we can see the item.

How Pawning Works

When you pawn an item, you are pledging it against the money we give you. For the sake of the readers, versus the visual learners, an example is in order……
Say, for example, we loan you $50.00
We charge 21% interest each month.
So, if you pick up your item within 30 days, it will cost you $60.50 to take it home with you……… Not too shabby.
If, after 90 days, you pay nothing, the item becomes ours to sell to someone else. (Don’t stress out. We try to remind you by postcard or phone call. A simple phone call to us can buy you a little time.)
If you need to know your total to pay off or anything about your loan, just give us a call and we’ll be happy to help.


Buying is similar to pawning except you do not get your item back. Every item we buy or pawn is cleared with a system called Leads Online. It is a national database of items and serial numbers that have been reported stolen. We send this list to the police EVERY night. While we encourage you to bring your sweet new find to us, we will also tell on you. Thieves beware.